Scoil Rince Ní Bhraonáin welcomes all ages to learn the craft of Irish step dancing, an energetic and beautiful dance practice that has been handed down in Irish culture for hundreds of years. 


Whether you're Irish or just wish you were, Irish dance has something to offer for everyone.  The mission of Scoil Rince Ní Bhraonáin ("skol rin-ka nee vray-non") is to build confident dancers through self-expression and teamwork.  By regular class attendance, practice, and participation in both local performances and dance competitions, dancers build performance skills that increase poise, discipline, and confidence. Our goals for Ní Bhraonáin dancers are to make friends, work hard, build teamwork, and have fun!



SRNB Mid-America Oireachtas 2021 Results

U8 Girls Four-hand

1st Place!

U15 Mixed Four-Hand
1st Place!


U14 Traditional Set - Elsie Veenstra
1st Place!

Girls U11 - Maeli Gottschalk - 29th Place

Boys U11 - Sam Bishop - 7th Place

15 & Over Girls Four Hand - 13th Place

U11 Traditional Set - Madelynn Spedoske - 29th Place

U12 Traditional Set - Ava Brown - 9th Place

U14 Traditional Set - Mary Cate Regan - 6th Place

U16 Traditional Set - Emma Youmans - 9th Place

U16 Traditional Set - Claire Magers - 10th Place

U16 Traditional Set - Olivia Zoulek - 15th Place

16 & Over Traditional Set - Olivia Parker - 9th Place


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U15 Girls Four Hand 2021
Bernadette Stairs
Regional Champs 2021 - U8 Girls Four Hand
Regional Champs 2021 - U15 Mixed Four Hand
Eleanor Long Oireachtas 2021
Shoes and masks
Emma & Carly Recall
3rd Place World Champs 2018 - U10 Mixed 8-Hand
3rd Place Regional Champs - U8 Mixed Ceili 2016
Having Fun!
NORA 19th PLACE & JACK 10th PLACE 2016
Detroit Feis!
Mary helping with Stages!
Summer Fun at Fredrick Meijer Gardens

Scoil Rince Ní Bhraonáin